About me


“The courage to be yourself is the essence of Hip Hop.” – KRS One


I love writing poetry, drawing and painting. My art often encourages social and political reform. It aims to inspire you to think critically about the world in which we live.

Notoriously, I’m known by the pen name, Ratty. Ratty is a nickname that started on a high school cross-country running team and just stuck. Over the years, I came to associate the name with old-school Hip Hop culture. It became a tag I used to reinvent myself. Hip Hop names honor self-creation and our ability to take back ourselves from the forces that seek to hold us down.

The mainstream music industry has failed to capture the true spirit of Hip Hop. To be Hip Hop is to be a force for change within yourself and within the world. It encourages us to question the subjugation of one group over another and demand better. It is to embody peace, love, unity and having fun.

My art comes from a spiritual place that is rooted in this culture. A culture that seeks to enliven the universal spirit that connects and lives in us all.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the collection.
Lisa aka Ratty