A Love Letter from a Paintbrush to Paint

A Love Letter from a Paintbrush to Paint

Watching you glisten and sparkle under the light is magical.
It is heaven to be drenched in your sweetness.
Only you can create – lines, curves and definition with succulent color!

I’m long and I’m hard
And Baby…
I love being your applicator!

Taking you to new places, really tickles my bristles!

Your warm color sets the mood,
For my strokes to harmonize with your thick texture.

We are a hot item!
Some see us as a commodity to be sold,
But Hunny…
There is no price for how you make me feel, when I dip into you.

Together, we create more than just vision,
but rather new philosophies.

As we lay sprawled out naked upon a canvas,
We reveal changes in human politics and morality.
Moving people inward toward their own much sought after, wholeness.
We polish and refine their lost feelings,
By communicating concepts that are too difficult to speak.

On the walls of the world,
We hang together, humbly
yet ever so available and present.

Like a bride entering her wedding,
You take center stage.
Shocking us awake with beauty.

Our admirers marvel at the combination of us for we bring so much to the table of life.

We provoke …
Wonder and hope.
But we also elicit cynicism and despair.
In the end, though, our audience usually leaves with nothing but adoration.

Yes, we attract and charm, without anyone ever fully knowing the real us!
Our work is …complex yet subtle, obscure yet bold. – All at once!

Of course, the art critics try to define us.
But they can’t fully crack the case.

We have been together longer than any human couple
Yet, they still ponder over our signature marks.
In the same manner that their ancestors did.

Writing and painting can’t make the chaos of this world stop,
But they do document the mayhem,
with grace and beauty.

Please baby,
Be my color once again tonight!
So, we can dance together
and leave our imprint
On this crazy world!

Then –
when I am juicy and moist,
silently return me home,
back to the depths,
of your tin can.


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