Weird Art & Women

Weird women are like weird art.

You need at least one in your home.
But you are not sure that you want to make the commitment.
Nonetheless they make you laugh
and tickle your soul.

Shocking guests with their peculiar manner,
They never behave appropriately.

Seeking to achieve an effect with shapes, colors and textures.
They don’t represent an external reality.
They aren’t a picture that you will recognize.
They are only an invitation to dream.

Society wonders if they are truly legitimate.
For they are misunderstood
And refuse to follow an established path.

But they are not satisfied with a familiar reality
They don’t want the same life as their mother.

Weird art is a challenge.
It teaches us to look at the world in a new way,
And inspires us to overcome obstacles.

Being an artist is our chance to
dig deep within ourselves,
pull out our jewels
and share them with others.

This is no easy task for a weird woman.

We live in a state,
Where women were once defined to be witches
And burned on a stake,
Simply, for looking within themselves.

They shoved the oppressive force of patriarchy upon us.
And told us we needed a man to be complete.
This created competition among our sisterhood,
And our uniqueness and artsy weirdness was lost.

In the early founding years of America,
All states passed laws taking away women’s right to vote.
200 years later Madeleine Albright became the first female secretary of state.

Throughout much of our country’s history,
A woman with a mind of her own, was unusual.
Some even found it unnatural.
And a woman letting out her own mind in beautiful colors through a painting, was horrifying.

But Not Today…

Today….We Speak.

We speak through our paintings, drawings, stickers, jewelry and our tarot cards.
We speak for the women who have no voice.
We speak for the women who are finding their voice.
We speak to validate our inner world.
We speak as sisters who know that sisterhood isn’t biological,
But rather it is found in the encouragement of one another.

Together our voices combine making a full, deep, prolonged Roar!

Like a piece of weird art,
We encourage you to embrace an image that the world is growing accustomed to – A woman in business.
We invite you to try it on and feel it out.
Take a bite of souls that no longer sleep.
You know that you want to.


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